AWS targets the mobile developer market

December 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

AWS is out with software development kits (SDKs) for Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems.As mobile devices have limited computing capacity, and cloud platforms have boundless amounts of it,  connected via a high-speed network, it’s a great way to offload certain computing and data-storage tasks. Clouds also provide a relatively pain-free method testing and development, even if the apps ultimately run on the device alone. Early on, at least, the key to cloud success is attracting developers, and mobile developers are multiplying fast as mobile devices displace desktops. That we’ll see even more cloud providers target smart phone app developers is sure.

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Similarly Joyent has launched three new services targeted at online gaming studios. Respectively, the new offerings — called Production, Testing and Publishing — focus on development, testing and live applications. They’re noteworthy on their own because of the natural symbiosis between online and mobile games and cloud computing, but they’re also part of a greater trend toward prepackaging cloud solutions for specific audiences.

Ruby on Rails PaaS provider Heroku which has witnessed remarkable growth especially since the last year or so has been snapped by Salesforce for $212 million making Salesforce already a leading SaaS provider, a force to reckon with, in the cloud services market.

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